Elizabeth French | Therapeutic Bodyworker

Therapeutic, integrative Bodywork is the intentional and intuitive weaving of multiple manual massage modalities including Swedish relaxation and Restorative Massage, Craniosacral and Lymph Flow techniques, Deep Tissue Therapy, Assisted Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Manipulation. Every visit starts with a preliminary intake and personal consultation to best determine your needs, goals, bodywork preferences and to fully customize your session. It is my priority to create a supportive, compassionate space, free from any judgements or preconceived ideas, to provide the most effective therapy possible. I welcome people of all races, religions, nationalities, sexual identities, genders, & body shapes and sizes. Every individual comes to the table with different needs, goals, and experience, and my role is to help you in your own personal journey towards better health and wellness however I can, within the scope of my practice. Sessions begin with a simple guided breath focus and incorporate the use of aromatic hot towels and mindfully selected essential oils woven seamlessly throughout. Feedback, suggested treatment plans, products/tools and self care prompts can be discussed at the end of your session to help manage your wellness between visits. 



Sessions with Liz are available at One Medicine by appointment only at this time. She sees clients regularly Wednesdays through Sundays — morning, afternoon, and evenings.


Therapeutic Bodywork Sessions:

45 minutes, $65
For new and returning clients

This visit is a more complete “express” massage session. It is great for spot treatments, targeted headache relief, a specific problem area, or even for a more energetically paced, “tune-up” of common upper body stress areas such as head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and  hands. Leave feeling refreshed, refocused and grounded on minimal time. Not recommended for full body. 

60 minutes, $100
For new and returning clients

This time frame can easily accommodate a relaxing, full body massage session with 1-2 smaller focus areas thoughtfully sequenced throughout. It is also excellent for a longer, specific focus on problem areas while still maintaining a calming and grounding flow. Leave feeling looser, lighter and more wholly embodied. 

90 minutes, $140
For new and returning clients. 

Experience a deeply therapeutic slow flow within a detail-oriented, complete bodywork session. This time frame can more profoundly address multiple focus areas while supporting a restorative, relaxation flow. Feel a sense of time suspended as you let go and connect more fully into your body. Leave feeling rejuvenated, reconnected and rooted into your best self.